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Natural pawpaw cream vs nasty petroleum-based creams

Natural pawpaw cream vs nasty petroleum-based creams

Pawpaw cream is a multitasking wonder balm that may assist with a multitude of skin conditions, from dehydration to eczema.

However, some pawpaw creams can actually be harmful to your skin and your wellbeing; that is, some commercial pawpaw ointment brands contain petroleum jelly, made from the petrochemical by-products of the oil industry.

Petroleum jelly (commonly known under the brand name, Vaseline) was discovered coating the bottom of oil rigs in the 1800s. It’s ecologically unsustainable and potentially damaging to your health.

Part of the problem is that petroleum jelly is made from solid mineral waxes mixed with liquid oils such as petrolatum, mineral oil (a mixture of hydrocarbons and crude oil-derived chemicals that can clog pores and rob your skin of essential vitamins), liquid paraffin or paraffin oil (which can cause a heat rash on some sensitive skins).

Here’s why you should always seek out a natural, organic, pawpaw cream that’s petrochemical-free if you want the greatest benefits for you and your skin:

  • Petroleum-based pawpaw creams are dangerous for your skin. The petroleum jelly in these creams creates the appearance of moisturised skin. But because it’s both water-repellent and water-insoluble, all it does is create a barrier over the top of your skin, suffocating your pores in the process. This actually works to dry your pores even more while sealing in dirt and debris. In a word: Ew!
  • Vegan pawpaw creams have more of the good stuff. Natural pawpaw formulas that are totally free of petrochemicals have higher concentrations of vitamins A, B, C and E as well as antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium. All these natural ingredients working together create a skin healing and hydrating powerhouse that features more of the good stuff and none of the bad.
  • Petroleum jelly can make you sick. If you ingest petroleum jelly, it can bring on a rare form of inflammation called lipoid pneumonia, caused by fat particles or molecules (otherwise known as lipoids, or lipids) entering the lungs. Acute cases can cause irreversible lung damage and even death.
  • Natural pawpaw creams are more effective. When pawpaw’s natural goodness is given free rein, you’ll get lasting relief for a wide range of skin conditions, including rashes, itches, blisters, boils, grazes, bites and burns.
  • Petroleum jelly products clog your pores. It doesn’t make sense to use a skin product that covers and clogs your pores, creating more opportunities for infection and irritation to occur.
  • Those with acne and rosacea should leave well alone. These skin conditions can be aggravated by products that contain petroleum jelly, which is often why people reach for pawpaw cream in the first place. By contrast, natural pawpaw cream will allow your skin to breath while it delivers soothing nutrients to where they’ll do the most good.
  • Some petroleum jellies are carcinogenic. Not all petroleum jelly is created equal. Only the top grades are deemed suitable for cosmetic use. In cheaper variations, some less refined products can retain crude oil’s carcinogenic components, and the problem is you can’t always be exactly sure about what you’re buying. Is it really worth the risk?

The Real McArthur Paw Paw creams and ointments are all natural and organic to keep your skin healthier for longer. See our range here.

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