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We provide organic, natural and vegan friendly paw paw creams. We also have a selection of ointments and soaps which you can purchase online. We provide complete skincare for the whole family. Learn about our story further down the page.

We pride ourselves on our top-quality ingredients, working with our product from planting, growing, farming, extraction, and processing to make the best quality products for you to enjoy.

Our time and passion goes into all our farmed products which we use in our handmade cold press soaps and also our creams.

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What Happened To Tom McArthur ?
As Seen On Today Tonight Tv Show.
Here’s Our Story.

Tom McArthur went by different titles. To me and my family, he was a loving father. To some of you, he was The Paw Paw man, the hardworking man behind the famous Paw Paw Skin Care Products. My father was deeply passionate about his skin care products. He even dipped his fingers in a frying pan (literally) a couple of times, just to prove how effective it was.

The idea behind the skin care paw paw products range was inspired by his time in the armed forces in Malaya where he would try all sorts of fruits and vegetable treatments to relieve the painful fungal infections caused by the long periods spent wearing army boots in the jungle. On one of his training days, he spotted a monkey using the spit of a chewed up branch to treat a fellow monkey with huge sore on his back.

That observation kick started his voyage of experimentation with various naturally sourced products like bamboo shoots, leaves, barks, vegetables and shoots. Since that time, my dad spent many more years working on a way to extract the beneficial enzymes from fruits until he finally got it right.

Mr. McArthur would spend countless number of hours reading beauty pages of women’s magazines for information on fruit properties, adding to the knowledge he gained from interacting with villagers during his time in the armed forces. With the help of my mum, Linda McArthur, my dad formulated a series of skin creams paw paw products and tonics which has helped countless number of people over the years.

Monetary gain from the range of skin care products wasn’t my dad’s highest motivation. “I’m really not bothered if it makes me rich,” he once told a newspaper reporter. All he simply wanted to do was give back to the people of Hervey Bay because of the great kindness they showed him when he first moved there and to make paw paw products that provide relief to people suffering from various skin conditions.

It’s my wish to carry on my dad’s legacy which is why I came up with my own formulation in his honor. Just like my father, I’ve always being intrigued by the many beneficial properties of fruits especially as topical skin ointments. Fruit enzymes have the ability to improve the skin’s appearance without being too harsh. Also, it might give you some peace of mind knowing that you’re not exposing yourself to harmful chemicals but instead nourishing your skin using Mother Nature’s ingredients.  Going back to the basics was what my dad was all about, and I plan on carrying on with that ideology as a foundation of what my brand stands for. who developed

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