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Paw-Paw ointment reviews

Jenni Cleave – Paw Paw Body Cream

 I suffer from eczema so I thought I would give the body lotion a try. The moment I put it on, the itch was gone. I couldn’t believe it. Normally I wake up during the night and scratch till I bleed but no more thanks to this great product. Thank you so much Darren, I can’t wait for my next delivery. Paw-Paw ointment reviews


Sean Otway – Paw Paw Face and Body Soaps & Paw Paw & Magnesium Facial Cream

Paw-Paw ointment reviews
Paw-Paw ointment reviews

 “I’ve had dry flaky skin for some time now and have tried many different products on the market, now that I’ve discovered this product, especially the soaps and face cream, I’ll never use anything else again!!

The results speak for themselves. My face was about 60% better over night. I’ve been using the soap and face cream for about a week now and my skin is better then ever! Highly recommend.”

 Xavier Murtagh – Paw Paw Body Cream

xavier before using paw paw cream xavier after using paw paw cream


 “I have been getting Psoriasis around my eyes and the only thing that has worked, up until this cream, has been Elecon. (I am always open to trying new things and even tried this Chinese cream, recommended on one of the forums but it didn’t work for me) I have had some success though with the Real McArthur Paw Paw Body Cream (not the facial one) and been applying it since Wednesday also using the Paw Paw facial soap twice a day. The skin looks so much better and the rawness is gone away significantly, in only 3 days of use!” Paw-Paw ointment reviews

 Karena Peisker – Paw Paw Body and Facial Soaps, Paw Paw Body Cream and Magnesium Facial Cream


 “My family of 7 have been using Real McArthur Paw Paw products for over a month now.

I had psoriasis (pictured) which completely cleared after one and a half months of using the body cream and paw paw soap.

 My 3 teenage daughters swear by the difference in their skin & I can see it in them myself. Acne is gone since using the face soap. One of my daughters suffered so bad & had tried so many things before this amazing stuff!

 My toddler’s nappy rash after one week of using the body soap, gone.

 My daughter had pain in her heel. Used Chilli rub on it, next morning, all better.

 I use the facial cream, I am sure I look younger. I certainly feel more alive!

 The products are invigorating, refreshing & would have to be the best thing to enter our bathrooms & generally our household ever!

 Thankyou. I mean that. I’m so impressed & grateful.”

Paw-Paw ointment reviews


 Steve Obrien – Paw Paw Body Cream

 I had a leg injury when on leave causing blood clots. I was put on blood thinning medication and told to wear a sock to help with circulation. I was given Real McArthur Paw Paw Cream to try and was surprised when I applied cream to my leg. The colour came back into the leg and the swelling went down. I love using the soap products and love the cream products. I highly recommend these products, results are amazing. Great products. Thanks Daren.


 Stacey Mitchell – Paw Paw Body Cream

 “Absolutely love the smell. I purchased this for my daughter’s eczema and we received it today. She put it on tonight and said she could feel it calming her skin straight away. Thank you for the free gift also. It was a lovely surprise Darren.”


 Chris John – Paw Paw Facial and Body Soaps & Paw Paw Body Cream

 “Absolutely amazing products with prompt delivery. So delighted with the service I received. Thank you Darren McArthur.”


 Christine Gibbs – Paw Paw Body Soap & Paw Paw Body Cream

 “I have purchased this product before and was highly impressed. Reduced acne on my nephews back significantly. Thank you Darren McArthur.”


 Lloyd Hamiliton

 “Awesome products. All locally made. My family use and love it.

 Love supporting a great product and local business.”


 Amanda Brown – Magnesium Facial Cream & Paw Paw Body Cream

 “I really like the facial & body moisturizer. It sinks right in without any greasy feeling afterwards & I like the fact that it is natural.”


 Antonietta Lavin

 “Hey peeps, waste your money on Real McArthur Paw Paw Products. A colleague of mine put me on to it and once I tried it I never looked back. Natural is the Bestest way to Go! Try the products and judge for yourselves, I did.”


 Antonina Rivituso – Hot Chilli Rub & Paw Paw Body Soap

 “Beautiful,100% natural products. The Chilli Cream helps with the pain, the soap is gorgeous, high quality, love the packaging, great service, highly recommended.”


 Carol McKenna – All products

 “I have purchased and used this range of soaps, face cream and body lotion. All are excellent. Recently had a knee seize up on me. Could not walk. Used the body lotion on it and on all leg muscles. Forgot about it and wasn’t until later that I realised I was walking without any pain or twinges and no stiffness in my knee. Wonderful lotions that just soak into the skin with no greasiness and the soaps make the skin so soft.”


 Persephone De Kari – Paw Paw Facial Soap & Magnesium Facial Cream

 “Hello I have just used these amazing skin care products, after receiving my first order this week. Must say that I am incredibly impressed as I have always struggled with extremely dry and sensitive skin. The facial soap is so smooth, leaving my face clean and shiny but also soft with no taughtness at all! This is a first for me and have tried many other skin care products over the years. The facial skin cream is amazing, absorbs in immediately and entirely leaving my skin soft and hydrated even after a night with the heating on high, another first. I have no scaling or irritation I usually wake up with. The smell is so beautiful too! I highly recommend these natural products.”


 Elizabeth Carr – Magnesium Facial Cream

 “Thanks for the quick delivery of my face cream and the lovely surprise gift soap!

 I love the scent and, after using for only two days, have found that the face cream doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes like other creams do.”


 Maria Ferrer – Paw Paw Soaps & Creams

 “My 22yr daughter has had to use baby products to shower with for the last,10yrs as she would break out in a rash all over. Since she has been using the paw paw soaps and lotion, she has not broken out in a rash, and her skin is smooth, soft and glowing. I use the facial soap as well and have noticed a difference; the softness is amazing. I love these products and will be recommending these to all my family and friends. Love ya Real McArthur”


 Steve Obrien Real McArthur Paw Paw Body Cream

 I had a leg injury when on leave, causing blood clots. I was put on blood thinning medication and told to wear a sock to help with circulation. I was given Real McArthur Paw Paw Body Cream to try and was surprised! When I applied the cream to my leg, the colour came back and the swelling went down. I am also using the soap products and I love the products. I highly recommend these products, results are amazing. Great products. Thanks Darren.


 Colleen Hanson Magnesium Face Cream

 Thank you. Got my creams today! Thanks for the magnesium cream! I suffer major calf cramps due to a snapped Achilles tendon. I rubbed some on, and the pain was gone in minutes! Fucking awesome! Always said I need a panadol bath after work so I’m looking forward to the bath bombs! Still using the cream on my shoulder, I’m 10 months post op. Helping with the pain. I went to show someone the scars but they are gone! Lol. Thanks again



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