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11:11 Natural Vegan Friendly Paw Paw Creams

Real McArthur 11:11 is renowned for it’s 100% natural and vegan friendly paw-paw cream that the whole family can use and enjoy. With so many products full of nasty chemicals these days, it’s refreshing to know that something as simple as good old-fashioned paw-paw can be so good for you.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality skin care using all natural ingredients, offering effective natural alternatives to chemical based products. All Real McArthur formulas are made in Australia, using only the finest plant based ingredients including aloe vera, cocoa butter, olive oil, rosehip, witch hazel and evening primrose oil, just to mention a few.


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Vegan Friendly Paw-Paw Products

You would be surprised to learn that some so-called paw-paw brands are not so natural and vegan friendly after all. Many of them are petroleum-based with a very limited amount of paw-paw in them.

Real McArthur 11:11 is a 100% safe and natural alternative to other more inferior products out there. Containing true fermented Papaya, you can feel confident that you are purchasing one of the best paw-paw brands on the market today. Using a combination of jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and Calendula, your skin will feel completely nourished and protected – naturally.

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We choose not to use any of the following:

  • No parabens
  • No chemical UV-absorbers
  • No petrochemicals
  • No artificial fragrances & colours
  • No sodium lauryl sulphate
  • No GMO’s

Our pawpaw creams and soaps are  made and grown in the Northern Territory, Australia where the climate is perfect for growing the highest quality tropical fruit. As a family run and owned business, we’re very lucky to have access to this essential natural resource throughout the year.

Relieves skin dried by wind.

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