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Paw Paw Soap – Vegan, Animal Friendly and Great for Your Skin



Our delectable paw paw soaps are handmade in Australia, easy-to-use and they have simple ingredient lists. Most importantly, they are also vegan and great for your skin!

Let’s take a look.


Paw Paw and Your Skin

We’ve talked before about how beneficial pawpaw is for dry and damaged skin because the fruit contains a mix of important vitamins plus calcium and magnesium. But did you know that paw paw can also be used to treat more serious skin problems like chronic ulcers and burns? While more studies need to be done, unripe paw paw fruit has been widely used in Jamaican hospitals to treat ulcers, with users reporting significant benefits from applying the tropical fruit. Similarly in Gambia, paw paw pulp has been found to be an effective treatment for healing burns in children.


What this information tells us is that paw paw fruit has some very powerful healing properties which is why our hand-made soaps – containing 33% pure paw paw extract – are so good for your skin.


More than good for you, our handmade soaps are good for animals too.


Cruelty Free Products

At Real McArthur’s we have only ever tested our products on ourselves and our family and friends. While animal testing for cosmetics is not conducted in Australia, a huge range of imported products which have been tested on animals, are still sold here. If the cosmetic products you buy are not certified as cruelty-free, there’s every chance you’re buying a product which has been tested on animals; whether that be rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs or mice.


We are happy to say that we have NO IDEA what rabbits mice or guinea pigs make of our products, all we care about is that humans love them!


Go Vegan!

Most of us know that animal products like bees wax and lanolin (from sheep’s wool) are commonly used in body products. However you might be surprised at just how many animal products can be found in cosmetics these days. Some of them may flip your stomach or, make you spare a thought for the poor animal. Here are a few examples:

  • Heard of ambergris? It’s commonly known as whale vomit. Because that’s kind of what it is, although it can certainly come out the other end too. It’s used in high-end perfumes.
  • If you read the word allantoin in an ingredient list – you might be putting cow urine on your skin. Incidentally allantoin is found in the urine of many mammals, not just cows.
  • Real McArthur Paw Paw Products contain plant based hyaluronic acid. If you use other branded products they may be containing hyaluronic acid that’s commonly extracted from animals although synthetic forms do exist, – whether it be from cow umbilical cords or the fluid around joints, or from the eyeballs of slaughtered cows and horses. It’s also routinely extracted from rooster combs.

That’s food for thought right there we think.

If you want a product that is truly good for your skin, is Australian made and owned, affordably priced and vegan/animal friendly, check out our product range today

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